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A Framework for Software Product Line Practice

A Framework for Software Product Line Practice is a Web-based, living document that aids the software community in software product line endeavors. Each version represents an incremental attempt to capture the latest information about successful software product line practices. This information has been gleaned from studies of organizations that have built product lines, from direct collaborations on software product lines with customer organizations, and from leading practitioners in software product lines. More can be found at

Application-based Domain Modeling (ADOM)

The Application-based Domain Modeling (ADOM) approach binds domain and application models into a general framework and enables the definition of mutual constraints between these types of models. This framework consists of three layers: the application layer, the domain layer, and the (modeling) language layer. The application layer consists of models of particular applications, including their structure (scheme) and behavior. The language layer comprises metamodels of modeling languages, e.g., UML. The intermediate domain layer consists of specifications (including terminology, constraints, commonality, and allowed variability) of various domains, e.g., process control systems, scheduling systems, e-commerce applications, etc. The ADOM framework also enables enforcing constraints among the different layers; in particular the domain layer enforces constraints on the application layer. The fulfillment of these constraints can be checked due to the ability to classify application elements according to the domain terminology. More about ADOM can be found here.
ADOM is studied in a seminar in domain engineeing at the University of Haifa, Israel. Deliverables submitted in this seminar can be found here.

Domain Science & Engineering

Different seminars on Domain Science & Engineering suggested by DTU Informatics, Tech.Univ.of Denmark can be found here.

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